Special Entry: “I’d Rather Go Naked…”

…than support the exploitation and slaughter of animals!

Over two hundred days have now past since this demonstration took place and yet it continues to provoke controversy. Following it’s coverage in a number of national and international publications, the picture incited shock and outrage, however many still overlook its true meaning.


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 Stick With Me, Keep Me Going…

Good Morning – Afternoon – Evening.

The curtains have been drawn and the window has been flung open. I stand and enjoy the the floral scents; the clement breeze.  It makes a change from the piercing winds that sliced through me just some months ago. Summer has arrived at last, hence why I have stirred from my pit to rejoin civilisation.

Slumbering away the afternoons and steadily ploughing through a stash of vegan munchies was a relished activity that I will miss, but with my food stocks becoming increasingly low, it was time to wake up, smell the coffee –

…and see what’s new.

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Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’…

The vegan consumer market has been taken by storm in recent months, with the overhaul of Alpro, the US – and hopefully soon to be UK’s – release of Quorn’s Vegan Burger, MooFree’s mouth-watering new range of chocolate bars, Swedish Glace’s seasonable frozen cheesecakes and the release of the first British-made and ready-to-eat vegan pizza from Redwood’s.

In fact, with such a sumptuous array of topical and innovative new products to sample, I have taken it upon myself to review a handful of the ones that immediately catch the eye and initiate the salivation – most typical of the notorious fictional character, Homer Simpson.

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