Special Entry: I Am Fox…

When discussing animal rights, I often find myself battling with the preposterous notion of purpose; some “have it”, some “do not”. I have never been able to see the world through it’s hierarchal pre-disposition, but I am left to question what ‘purpose’ is and why it should ever play to determine the value of ones life.

So, how do we measure purpose and should someone naturally have a greater value because of who or what they are?

Interesting questions…

Past inequalities would have had us believe that this were true. In days gone by, being Caucasian would have instantly warranted a greater respect and deserving of life within a Western society. Similarly, being a woman or identifying as LGBT would have stripped you from some of the most basic rights. Why? Because the lives of those individuals were seen as inferior to those who were ‘superior’. Thankfully, we have moved beyond the aforementioned injustices (although, obviously, there are exceptions) but the rights of individuals outside our own species continue to be widely disregarded.

11745726_10152836980155566_7591378787218676294_nImage © 2015 League Against Cruel Sports

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Special Entry: “I’d Rather Go Naked…”

…than support the exploitation and slaughter of animals!

Over two hundred days have now past since this demonstration took place and yet it continues to provoke controversy. Following its coverage in a number of national and international publications, this picture incited shock and outrage, however, many still overlook its true meaning.


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 Stick With Me, Keep Me Going…

Good Morning – Afternoon – Evening.

The curtains have been drawn and the window has been flung open. I stand and enjoy the the floral scents; the clement breeze.  It makes a change from the piercing winds that sliced through me just some months ago. Summer has arrived at last and so, I have stirred from my pit to rejoin civilisation.

Slumbering away the afternoons and ploughing through a stash of vegan munchies was a relished activity, but with my food stocks becoming increasingly low, it was time to wake up, smell the coffee –

…and see what’s new.

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